Why Titan

Why Your Business Needs the Titan Intrusion Prevention System

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Business benefits of an intrusion prevention system

There are numerous reasons why companies including your business, can significantly benefit by having Titan that will positively impact your bottom line as well as your productivity. Oasis Technology is here to break-down those different ways that Titan will make your company more secure at little cost.

1) Firewalls are not particularly good at detecting and preventing intrusions.

Although firewalls are an essential part of security, they cannot detect and prevent hackers from penetrating a computer network. With all of this debate as to whether or not companies should focus on detection or prevention is something that doesn’t have to be an either or question because Titan provides you both by detecting all the hacking attempts and preventing those attempts from becoming successful.

2) SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley) non-compliance and HIPAA non-compliance can result in considerable fines if an intrusion occurs.

These fines can significantly impact the productivity and the financial well-being of your business. Once you are breached you will be held responsible if you don’t meet these important security standards. Titan provides those compliance standards for you so you don’t have to worry about running into any legal liability.

3) Intrusions can mean loss of intellectual property.

A loss of intellectual property could include various important records and documents that your company needs in order to survive. Also financial capital can be stolen and never returned to you if you are breached. This means that your entire business will be put on hold and can be destroyed. That’s why when you have Titan you won’t have to worry about losing all of that important information and money because Titan prevents these kinds of losses from happening to your business in the first place.

4) Intrusions can mean loss of business

Customers are not going to want to work with an organization who compromised their information. Sometimes customers go even so far and sue the breached company because of the losses that are involved. Also with companies/agencies being in the news for being hacked it puts a bad reputation on your organization that can last for years. This results in decreased profits, significantly lowers businesses’ growth and stability and can even mean that your business could close down for good!

5) Intrusions can result in lawsuits.

Speaking of lawsuits that cost a lot of money, Titan stops that too! California in particular is cracking down on companies who don’t follow security protocol that ends up resulting in a breach. If your company doesn’t comply than you will have to pay for those who are impacted and offer protection (which also costs money) to those people for free. Going through that hassle it not worth the risk.

6) Intrusions can result in loss of customer information

As a business you always want to know more information about your customers, but if that information get shared around the world you lose. That’s why stopping hackers is important because getting your customers’ information out there not only means that you have to notify them, but you can lose them and make their lives more difficult. You always want to make sure as a business owner that you are the positive side of your customers otherwise they can not only sue you, but will put you out of business for exposing their information.

Intrusion PreventionIf you are unsure about whether or not you would want to commit to Titan, Oasis Technology offers a 30-day free trial because we guarantee this patented product is more than capable of saving your business time, money and make your business more successful from a financial standpoint.