We are the Cyber Security Experts

Oasis Technology are experts in cyber security.  In addition to pioneering the game-changing TITAN anti-hacking device, we provide extensive cyber security consulting services.  These include:


  • PEN (Penetration) Testing – The Oasis approach is radically different from standard “pen” testing. Our testing actually simulates what a hacker will see.  We test your network from the hacker’s perspective.  As a result, we can show you exactly where your network is vulnerable, down to the IP address and what vulnerability exists.  Hackers are smart – but the Oasis penetration tests are smarter.


  • Compliance Policy Review and Development/M&P Services – At Oasis, we are compliance experts. We know what standards are needed to comply with HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), PCI DSS, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), and other industry regulations.  We can review your detailed policies and procedures and pinpoint where you need to up your game.  Don’t wait until you are fined to make sure your compliance standards are top-notch.  We have been doing compliance for over 30 years – we know what it takes and how to make sure you’re protected.


  • Vulnerability Assessments – As with our penetration testing, our vulnerability assessments are more detailed than our competitors. We assess your network from both sides – the Internet looking in and the data traffic going out of your network.  Our assessments include a detailed report that includes each kind of vulnerability we find.  Then we can help you pinpoint how to fix each vulnerability.  When we are done with your assessment, you will know exactly what holes you need to plug.  We know how to find those holes and plug them.


  • IT Security Audits – We provide written reports that include: Network Facing Risks; Inbound Network Security Risks; Security Methods & Procedures and Policy Assessment Reports; Share Permission Reports by IP, Device, or User; and Inbound Vulnerabilities Reports. Our penetration tests and vulnerability tests are so extensive that we can provide a report for virtually any slice of your network security protection.


  • Security Incident & Event Management – We can pinpoint just where you have had a security incident or where you are likely to have one occur. Don’t be on the defensive – let us help you identify your risks and plug those holes.  Your management of security risk should be proactive – and we are experts at this.  We encompass testing Big Data, cloud data, real-time threats, and real-time patterns.  We know how to identify cyber security vulnerabilities BEFORE they occur.


  • Proactive Social Engineering – These tests focus on how your employees can best protect your network and valuable data. We show you how to make sure your vulnerabilities caused by emails, web phishing, and file attachment attacks are stopped in their tracks.  Your employees are your valuable security team – empower them to protect your network and data.


We use our industry hardened three pronged approach to locate and remediate your Cyber Security Vulnerabilities.

Our three step approach allows for:
– training program for all manual-type precautions i.e. passwords, phishing detection
– full internal network assessment to ensure all devices are fully integrated with regard to security.
– full external network assessment to ensure that outside attacks cannot penetrate your security layer.

TITAN — The Newest Layer Of Cybersecurity

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Oasis Technology provides IT services that business owners and IT departments need today.

These include:

Since 1979, we have developed a wealth of knowledge and offered a variety of solutions and services as technology needs changed. Today we focus on what our clients need, which allows us to provide superior service and support.

Our specialties include CYBER Security, Network Support, Network Security, Virtual Servers, Managed Service Provider (MSP), Network Infrastructure Design and Implementation, Remote Backup Services, Network Implementation, Network and Telephone Cabling, Telecom, and Cloud Architecture.

Oasis Technology provides custom software development, hardware sourcing and installation, data recovery and other IT services.

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