Oasis Technology can provide everything you need to become fully NIST compliant and then stay that way. 

Oasis has a proven methodology to help you become fully compliant and maintain ongoing compliance.  Our methodology enables you to PROVE compliance as well, so you will never have to scramble when preparing for an audit or NIST-related discussions with business partners.

Oasis will help you develop policies, procedures, and forms that will provide company-wide standards to stay compliant with the ever-changing NIST rules.

We will ensure that your NIST protocols are continuously updated using the latest DoD standards.  These updates are seamlessly integrated with your ongoing NIST documentation.

Don’t delay – after December 1, 2020, your company MUST have a DoDAM score to bid or extend a contract.

Put your mind at ease.  Let Oasis help you with the following:

  • NIST/CMMC review
  • Develop SSP
  • Develop POAM
  • Set up SPRS
  • Set up DoDAM score
  • Full IT support
  • Regular Training and notifications

Avoid Federal False Claims fines and punishments – they can put you out of business.

Don’t keep putting off NIST compliance – it won’t go away and you will simply be continuing to put your company at risk.  CMMC audits will begin soon.  Get prepared!

Contact Oasis for a free consultation on how to get started on your NIST compliance.