Oasis Technology’s TITAN stealth-mode protection unit now offers complete FRONT TO BACK/END‐TO‐END CYBER SECURITY services.

What does this mean?  This means that we monitor and track all Internet traffic from BEFORE it reaches your network, as it goes through your firewall, and then as it touches all parts of your internal network. 

TITAN is able to detect malicious and suspicious activity coming from anywhere outside and WITHIN your own network (cloud services and your cloud‐based servers, pre‐firewall, firewall, internal network, endpoint, email, virus/malware attacks).

TITAN even monitors your firewall to make sure that it is doing the job that you bought it for.

We do it all – included, but not limited, to: 

  • 24×7 coverage
  • Protects your entire IT investment
  • Protects YOUR company
  • Undetectable to hackers
  • Protects against
    •  Phishing
    • Ransomware
    • Internal threats and sabotage
    • External threats and sabotage
  • Locates source of cyber-attacks (be it external or within your own company)
  • Watches over ENTIRE network traffic for suspicious traffic
  • Watches over your firewall and protects you in case your firewall is breached
  • Compliance
    • NIST
    • HIPAA
    • FINRA
    • SOX