“VIRTUAL SERVERS” – What are they and how you can save money with them


VIRTUAL SERVERS” – what are they and how you can save money with them:


Virtual severs are now out, vetted, tested, ready for prime time – but what are they and how can they save you money?


  • What is a virtual server? – first, let’s see what a regular server is and go from there.
  • Servers – as most of you know – servers are the main boxes/computers that control your entire network.
  • Basically speaking – if your server goes down – everyone starts to panic.
  • In the way distant computer past (like about a year ago), one server meant that you had one server box in your computer room.
  • Nowadays the physical server box has become so powerful that multiple servers can be running in one physical box.



How Can Virtual Servers Save Me Money?

  • In the old days of  “one server box equals one” server, every time you wanted to add an additional server you had to go out and buy a another good server box.  This could cost you between $3,000 and  $10,000 depending on how much of a server you needed, what brand, etc.
  • Now generally and simplistically speaking, you would also have to pay for would be the operating system, software and possibly Microsoft CALS (Client Access License)
  • Then you would have to make room in your server room and server rack.
  • Then you have to string more network cables from your switch (or router) to your new server.
  • Then you would have to install the software, configure the software and test it.
  • Finally, you would have to set up the necessary backups and security.


OK – I understand That – Now Where Does the Savings Come In with Virtual Servers? 

  • If you need a new server and if your existing server box has enough memory and disk space, you can install the new server on the same box that your current server is running on.

You will save by:

  • You may possibly not need to buy more Microsoft CALS.
  • You will not have to make more room for another server.
  • You will not have to run additional cables for the new server.
  • Your backup will only have to backup one physical server which can save you money depending on the type of backups that you perform.
  • You will not have to pay for the electricity and AC for another server box.
  • You can manage the servers easily and only manage one physical box.

Sounds GREAT! – but what are the pitfalls? 

  • As always, there are some things to consider.
  • One way to migrate to a virtual server is with VMWARE, but this can be expensive and it is Linux based.
  • Another way to migrate to a virtual server is with Microsoft’s Hyper V, which is free and works well with many backups.
  • In a virtual server environment, if your physical server box breaks, then all of your servers will go down.  (This can be mitigated by installing RAID 5 hard drives to minimize the risk of a hard drive failure bringing down your servers.)

Sounds Like I may want to do it – what if I need help?

  • If you need help – we can help you over the phone!!
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