“SSDs????” – What are they and why do I care?


“SSDs????” – what are they and why do I care?

(Answer in advance – they save you time, money and frustration).


SSDs are now available at almost every computer store!


What are they?

An SSD is a Solid State hard Drive.

All of previous old fashioned hard drives had multiple or single platters that spun around at several thousand RPMs.

Each of the platters contained the digitized information that was saved onto them during your Word, PowerPoint, and other computer sessions.

The platters spun as fast as they could while a read/write head would wait until the information passed right under it, then it would “read” the information and pass it to your screen or wherever you wanted it to go.

The idea was that the faster the drive spun, the faster you would get your information.

Imagine a vinyl record and a record needle.

SSDs also store your work for later retrieval like the old fashioned hard drives but these drives do NOT have spinning platters inside.  NO MOVING PARTS.

The net result is you don’t have to wait until the platter spins to the correct place for you to get your data – it is available immediately.

You only have to wait for the speed of electricity to transfer the information to you.

The net result is extremely fast access to your data.



Sounds interesting – so what does it do for me?

  • Since the SSD provides the data to you much faster than the older spinning hard drives, your computer seems to run much faster.
  • With faster response you spend much less time waiting for the computer. This means the job gets done faster and you spend less time and money on the job.
  • With faster response time your level of frustration goes WAY DOWN – meaning you are a happier person.
  • Just by replacing your laptop hard drive with an SSD, you can even make your old clunky laptop run like a cheetah on the plains.
  • Prices of SSDs have now dropped tremendously and are well within the levels of acceptability.


Sounds GREAT! – but what are the pitfalls? 

  • As always, there are some things to consider.
  • DO NOT GET THE SUPER CHEAP SSDs – they break down very quickly and are not very dependable.
  • Look for SSDs with a high MTBF rating (Mean Time Between Failure).  These will last longer and are more dependable.
  • Do not defrag SSDs often.  The SSDs manage their data in a different way than the old spinning hard drives.
  • You will get the best ROI (Return On Investment) by replacing your system of C drive with the SSD – NOT your D drive.
  • SSDs work best in PCs at this time.  Not recommended for a server – but that will come soon and you will see a huge increase in server performance.
  • When purchasing an SSD, try to make sure that is the same size as the disk that you are going to replace.  If you cannot find one that is the same size, then get one that is BIGGER!!


Sounds like I may want to do it – what if I need help?

  • If you want to upgrade your PC or laptop to an SSD and you need help – CALL US at 805-445-4833.
  • We can even go to your site if you are stuck in rut!!


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