To find a good MSP you need to do your due diligence and focus your search efforts on some priority points.


How to Find a Good MSP

Let’s take these points in order:

1. References – does that MSP have good references? Have you talked to those references?
2. Is the MSP fully insured with Workman’s comp, liability, Errors and Omissions, Employee Liability? Failure to have the proper insurance can potentially leave you with an expensive bill.
3. Do you need 24×7 support? Does this MSP provide it?
4. Competency. Does this MSP have competency in the areas that you need?
5. Reliability. Is this MSP reliable and can be called on to support you in a timely manner?
6. Emergencies. Does this MSP respond to emergencies – if so, how quickly?
7. Warranty. Does this MSP warranty their work and products or are you charged every time the MSP fixes the same problem?
8. Up to date. With technology changing almost daily, does this MSP keep up to date with the latest technologies?
9. RMM. Does this MSP provide RMM, Remote Monitoring and Management to allow them to manage your computers as if they are right there in you office?
10. How fast is their response to your needs?
11. Reasonable billing with proper explanation?
12. Do you receive unexpected big bills?
13. Does you MSP train you on how to fix your own simple issues so that you do not have to call them?
14. Does your MSP speak in simple ENGLISH or in TECHNO speak?
15. Does your MSP provide you with regular status of your projects and outstanding issues?
16. Do you have too many computer outages
17. Can you reach your MSP quickly and easily or do you just get voice mail?
18. Can your MSP provide you with BDR, Backup and Disaster Recover plans?
19. Does your MSP provide you with solid estimates before work commences?

By going through the above checklist you can greatly increase the chances of retaining a good MSP that will support your IT network and keep your life simple.

Until next time!!

Brought to you by:

George M. Baldonado

President & CEO, Oasis Technology, Inc.