Hackers Will Bankrupt Your Business!


Hackers don’t just have the ability to take your data and financials, but they can close the doors of your business for good.

How is this Possible?

A cyber-security breach is not only a fairly costly matter with money stolen, lawsuits, and penalties, but it’s also one where recovery is almost impossible, especially in the case of small and medium size businesses. This is because the amount of damage that a hack does outweighs the business’ ability to stay afloat. Just to show you how serious this is, read the links below that tell you more about this issue.


What Should I Do to Stay Protected?

This can be divided into two categories: education and cyber-security technology.
Educating yourself as well as your work colleagues is crucial because that could mean a difference for your business surviving and thriving. Talk to people within your workplace about phishing scams and malware so they know what’s out there as far as risks.

Cyber-security technology is growing rapidly, but the important thing to do is make good investments to protect your data. It’s important to think of cyber-security technology as layered because in order for it to work, various technologies have to be put in place — otherwise your data will not be fully protected! Titan, our Intrusion Prevention System, is one of these crucial elements.