Government Agencies Will Be Held Accountable for Data Breaches!


Not only are companies feeling the cyber-security weight on their shoulders, but government agencies as well. This includes both the state of California and federal agencies.

California Law & Government Cybersecurity

Within California, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a “mandate that a minimum number of cybersecurity risk assessments are performed on state networks every year.” This would allow government agencies to assess the risks of a particular agency’s network. More information on this law can found in the link below.

Federal Cybersecurity Enhancement Act

On the federal level under the Federal Cybersecurity Enhancement Act, “lawmakers would give the Homeland Security Department Secretary the power to issue an emergency directive when there is a “substantial threat” to the information security of an agency”. Although this bill has not been voted into law yet, it’s important to note that Congress is strongly considering passing cyber-security legislation. More information on what Congress is proposing can be found in the link below.

To protect yourself and your business, make sure you are taking the cyber-security measures necessary to reduce the potential risks of breaches!

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