Some Good Points on Cyber Security



Quick notes on the hacking of business computers:


  • Hacking has cost businesses over $455 Billion annually and the cost is rising.
  • A good (but not perfect) protection against hacking is by performing regular onsite and offsite backups.
  • Employ a legitimate “white hat hacker” to try to hack into your network.  This will at least let you know if you are vulnerable.
  • The WORST hack is when you have been hacked but do not know that you have been hacked.
  • Two of the most well-known hacks are RANSONWARE and DDOS attacks.  These are just two of over a million others that hackers have up their digital sleeves.
  • Use an email filtering system or service that will protect you from many embedded email viruses and phishing attacks. We use


LEGALLY – What do you have to do if you are hacked?

  • Depending on the type of hack that you are subject to, you will need different responses.
  • If customer credit card numbers are hacked you need to notify all of the affected credit card holders ASAP.
  • The law is somewhat vague on the credit card info theft, but the intent of the law is that if you could have prevented the hack and you did not, then you may be required to pay for all of the customers’ losses.  Otherwise the bank will bear the losses.
  • If medical info is hacked you need to notify all patients whose information was stolen ASAP.
  • If your company financial info is hacked, you need to work quickly with your financial providers to stop the potential company financial theft from wreaking havoc with your accounts.
  • If your network is hacked and it affects public safety – DHS may have to get involved. L
  • If you are regulated in any way (i.e. PCI, SOX, HIPAA, DHS, NIST), you may have additional issues to be addressed. L L


Other Fallout From Being Hacked

  • If you ARE hacked, keep in mind that restoring your data and getting back into business is only 10% of the problem – the biggest issue is now keeping your business alive.
  • If your customer info was stolen, you may have a problem regaining your customers’ trust and your customer list may now be in the hands of a competitor.
  • If your quotes and bidding information are stolen — and your competitor has them — you may now have a competitive issue.
  • If your banking and/or financial info is stolen, you will need to work with all of your financial providers to straighten things out ASAP.
  • Cost for Ashly Madison Hack


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