Free Network Security & Vulnerability Analysis


This free Network Security & Vulnerability Analysis offered by Oasis Technology is open to all network administrators at no obligation. We encourage ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to have their networks tested, too. Nothing needs to be installed on the network, and the analysis will not affect your network in any way. Included in this free analysis are written reports that display security holes and possible areas (software, hardware configurations, etc.) that can be breached by hackers. All results are confidential. It can also help correct any major vulnerabilities that come up.

Why are we offering a free analysis?

We want to create awareness about the vulnerabilities within computer networks – even those that have expensive firewalls already installed. We want to help businesses and organizations fight hacking. Many of our clients have been surprised at the results of the vulnerability analysis’ we ran on their networks. They thought they would probably never be hacked, when indeed our accurate analysis found vulnerabilities that would allow hackers to access their network, systems, and data.

This free Network Security & Vulnerability Analysis by Oasis Technology is on a first-come, first-serve basis, so call George Baldonado, Deborah Panish-Johnson, Michael Meyers, or Myles Bradford at Oasis Technology to schedule a test: (805) 445-4833.