What a Data Breach Could Cost You

Cyber-attacks and data breaches are predicted to increase and become more malicious as technology continues to advance. You don’t want to be blind-sided and deal with the repercussions of a data breach, especially because it could cost your company a lot of money. Oasis Technology is a team of IT professionals that wants to make sure you’re aware of what can a data breach could cost you.

Your confidentiality is compromised. You may not need to be concerned about anyone gaining access to confidential information from within your company; it’s the outside threats you should be cautious about. Sometimes hackers are not concerned with hurting specific companies. Rather, their focus is rooted in finding the first network or IP address they can attack. Your confidential information suddenly becomes public to hackers the moment they successfully enter your network. What will your clients think when they learn their information is now easily accessible to hackers? They’ll know they can no longer trust a company that can’t keep their private information safe.

Your reputation is immediately affected. Because your clients will no longer trust you or want to put their secure information in your hands (and the hands of a hacker), they may flock to your competitors without hesitation. You’ll be branded with the words “untrustworthy” or “unreliable” and your competitors can use this to their advantage. They can enhance their reputation by comparing themselves to your company and the unfortunate events that will lead to your company’s faltering image.

Your business will be fined. The average cost of a breach is about $3-4 million. It may seem like an absurd amount of money, but this is why we’re warning you – it’s a serious issue that will cost you. There are fines or penalties your business may have to pay when a data breach occurs. If you’ve already allowed an intruder to gain access into what you thought was a secure network, then now you’ll have to pay, quite literally, for the data breach. As a CEO, you’ll have to make several financial decisions with your business’s hard-earned dollars. Could you imagine having to file for bankruptcy because you thought a firewall was enough protection?

You NEED more protection. A firewall creates a logical “door” for a hacker. It gives them the opportunity to break into that “door” and gain access to confidential information about your business and clients. Oasis Technology’s Titan is put in front of that door and protects the firewall. So, if Titan is not a door, then what is it? Think of Titan as a covert security guard that secretly watches every byte that tries to enter your network. The hackers can try to get through your system, but their endless attempts will leave them unsuccessful because they can’t reach that door, or firewall.

Your security can easily be enhanced and strengthened for as little as $400 a month*. You can’t put a price on protection, and protecting your business is a nominal cost compared to what a data breach could cost your business.

You’ll lose business. No one wants to do business with a company that is unable to prove their trust. Your clients trust you to keep their information secure and you’ll have failed them in the event of a data breach. Think about financial institutions or medical groups for a moment. They secure a large volume of client information and their reputation could be instantly damaged if their network suddenly became vulnerable to hackers. Would you trust a bank with your confidential information and your money after their reputation was compromised? Our guess is no.

Titan could make a difference for your business. Contact us to find out how to protect your business with layered protection and to remain in control. The IT professionals at Oasis Technology are ready to address your questions or concerns.

*Prices will vary and depend on bandwidth used by your company. Learn more about our four models.