Are You Being Hacked?


Are You Being Hacked?

Three excellent ways to detect if you are being hacked and what to do.

  1. Watch your outgoing network traffic.
    If someone has penetrated your network from the outside, your outgoing traffic will be hot and heavy for no reason.  If you notice this condition, find the culprit device, shut it down and/or shutdown the outgoing router.  Then start your investigation and damage control.
  1. Watch your internal network traffic.
    If an internal user is hacking your network, your network will be slow and sluggish and your outgoing traffic may also be high (but not necessarily if the internal hacker is copying to his own private or corporate hard drive).If you encounter this situation – surreptitiously find the culprit device using the appropriate software and shut it down immediately.  If necessary, shutdown your outgoing router(s) too.  Then begin your investigation and damage control.
  1. Keep statistics on your outgoing traffic. 
    Spikes indicate something out of the ordinary is going on.  Investigate immediately.  Automate this if possible.

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