Technology Solutions & Services

Your company’s future depends on technology.  That’s just a fact of life in these computer-centric times.  You need to optimize your manufacturing and processes in order to stay competitive.

We at Oasis understand this and we are here to guide your company to IT efficiency.  We will help you avoid unnecessary costs and technology.  Just because technology of a certain type exists doesn’t mean it is right for YOUR environment.

Let us help you control costs, increase efficiency, streamline workflow, and maximize your supply chain.  We help you harness the power of technology the right way – the way that will allow you to more easily manage your business and make you more profitable.

We provide IT consulting, application development, and managed IT services.  Our expertise extends across all areas of manufacturing.  You can be sure that we understand your challenges and we can provide the solutions you need.


Projects: IT and network support/IT services, manufacturing line management systems, traveler management systems, project management BOM/Bill Of Material gross to net systems, configuration management, assembly line manufacturing systems, purchase order systems, Cyber security support, server support, NIST plan management support, BDR design and implementation, ROM and ROI projections, multi-system integration, AR, AP, GL patient management systems.