Technology Solutions & Services

Our society has become computer-centric.  Whether it’s smart phones or apps, citizens want and expect their government agencies to provide services efficiently and safely.

Your IT infrastructure is crucial for improving citizen services, building intelligent systems, enhancing public safety, and strengthening security.  These are the hallmarks of effective and cost-efficient government services.

Oasis can help you to build and support the level of technology you need to provide the services demanded by the public.

By showing you how to leverage new technology models and process innovation, we partner with you to create the infrastructure needed to meet the challenges of our times.  With the huge amount of data that is available to you, we can provide the expertise to leverage this data in a modern way, with both data warehousing capabilities and cloud storage.

With hacking on everyone’s mind, we can show you how to protect your systems from cyber-terrorism.  We also help you control costs, meet audit requirements, and create more efficient methods and procedures – all while staying up-to-date with the technology that citizens expect.

Oasis has been involved with government entities for over 30 years.  With our extensive experience with federal agencies (FDA and OCC), state agencies (PUC), and local government agencies (City of Los Angeles, City of Camarillo), we can help your organization provide the level of service citizens expect and demand.


Projects: /IT services, Project management, Constituent management systems, PSSA/Welfare systems, financial management systems, mainframe system conversions, park reservation systems, supervisor survey and constituent project implementation systems, time accounting, project management, configuration management systems, federal cost tracking systems, contract management, mainframe support, network support, help desk services.