Regularly scheduled Cyber Threat Analysis is of utmost importance in order to consistently protect your network from hacks and intrusions.

The goal of any quality vulnerability scan is to conduct non-intrusive external vulnerability assessments and analysis to pinpoint the areas of your network that are open to potential hacking.

Many of the traditional vulnerability assessment processes have a tendency to generate false positives. For this reason, we combine out vulnerability assessment with a conference call to discuss your vulnerabilities and suggest the solutions that apply to your specific environment.

Our Cyber Security scan is designed to scan any size network

From 2 IP’s to thousands of IP addresses. We have done it all, from small businesses to an organization that has over 20,000 IP’s.

We run it from our specialized Data Center. The only thing you need to provide us are your externally facing IP addresses. We do the rest!

Our scan imitates multiple hacking scenarios in a non-invasive fashion. We WILL FIND the exact vulnerabilities that hackers can find.

One the scan is completed, we will provide you with a written report in PDF format. We also provide a consultation with our Senior Security Expert who will review your vulnerabilities with you.

We will arm you will suggestions as to how to optimally protect your network as soon as possible.

Regular vulnerability scans are the perfect method to ensure that your network is compliant with PCI and requirements such as HIPAA and SOX.

The goal of the scan and assessment is aimed at one thing and one thing only – protecting your network.

Our methodology ensures that this occurs.

It’s easy to get your Cyber Security Test. You don’t need to provide us with any information about your network or firewalls.

All we need are your externally facing IP addresses. It is extremely important that you understand that our test just simulates what hackers can already do. Our methodology is NOT INVASIVE to your network.

These are the test steps:

  • Obtain your externally facing IP address
  • Obtain your contact information
  • Coordinate a time for the vulnerability scan
  • We run the scan externally without any changes to your network
  • We review the report for any false positives — if necessary, we re-run the report to eliminate any false positives
  • We provide you with a PDF indicating all vulnerabilities and their severity
  • We review the PDF with you or your assigned technician
  • We offer concise suggestions to fix any vulnerabilities