Bank Internet Security

Don’t Be Blindsided by Hackers: Texas Bank Sets the Standard for Top-Level Internet Security

When Will Your Bank Be Blindsided? It may already be too late: criminals may already be harvesting your bank’s information and assets. Most breach detections occur after months of data loss, according to the Ponemon Institute, resulting in mounting financial losses. Most bank information can be quickly “monetized” on eBay-style online markets in countries such as […]


Cerber Ransomware is targeting MS Office 365 Users!

Microsoft Office targeted by Ransomware A new ransomware is targeting Microsoft Office 365 customers by using spam or phishing emails to attack. This is very significant because Office 365’s security tools DO NOT PROTECT from this. Businesses that are attacked by this new ransomware risk downtime, financial loss, and data breaches. Here is more information about the […]


Titan Protects Your Business from Ransomware and Malware!

Good news for companies everywhere — Titan now protects your organization from ransomware and malware! [responsive][/responsive]Ransomware and Malware is malicious software that takes a computer/computer network hostage by blocking access to it until a demand is met by the hacker who initiated the ransomware. People have had to pay thousands and thousands of dollars to […]

Infinite IT Solutions introduces Titan

A Revolutionary Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) from Oasis Technology offered by Infinite IT Solutions: A Much Anticipated Boon to Monitor the Network Traffic Sacramento, CA, 03/15/2016: Infinite IT Solutions recently introduced Titan, a revolutionary Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) appliance that, for the first time ever, will covertly monitor network from outside before the hackers get […]