We are the Cyber Security Experts


We use our industry hardened three pronged approach to locate and remediate your Cyber Security Vulnerabilities.

Our three step approach allows for:
– training program for all manual-type precautions i.e. passwords, phishing detection
– full internal network assessment to ensure all devices are fully integrated with regard to security.
– full external network assessment to ensure that outside attacks cannot penetrate your security layer.

TITAN — The Newest Layer Of Cybersecurity

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Oasis Technology provides IT services that business owners and IT departments need today.

These include:

Since 1979, we have developed a wealth of knowledge and offered a variety of solutions and services as technology needs changed. Today we focus on what our clients need, which allows us to provide superior service and support.

Our specialties include CYBER Security, Network Support, Network Security, Virtual Servers, Managed Service Provider (MSP), Network Infrastructure Design and Implementation, Remote Backup Services, Network Implementation, Network and Telephone Cabling, Telecom, and Cloud Architecture.

In the past, Oasis Technology provided custom software development, website development, hardware sourcing and installation, data recovery and other IT services based on customer demand.  If there is a solution we cannot provide directly, we will always make a recommendation or referral. If your business or IT department has a need, please call us, we’re here to help.

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