Titan’s Testimonials: Success Stories

We could rattle off all the things we love about TITAN, but to prove its success, we want to share some testimonials with you. Our clients have found great success in using our Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and we hope you’ll find their stories useful in deciding whether TITAN is beneficial for your business. Oasis Technology is going to share these stories and tell you more about our product to help make that decision easier.

Kem Sisson, CEO, Money Movers, Inc.

As a financial transaction processor and PCI certified Gateway Processor, Sisson and his team must comply with onerous and extremely stringent security requirements. He told us, “TITAN is the only product that satisfies this need.” He believes it’s incredibly effective because it goes far beyond what a firewall can do. He also told us that he had to turn TITAN off so they could successfully test their network and software vulnerabilities because the auditors could not get past the TITAN-wall. Talk about incredible strength!

Richard Petropulos, Director of General Services, The City of Camarillo

Petropulos found that TITAN worked after evaluating its performance and effectiveness for two months. He explained, “There haven’t been successful attacks on our systems, but it’s good to contain any bots, viruses and worms that could cause problems.” The City of Camarillo is interested in doing whatever they can to make the city’s computer environment safe and more protected.

Wolf Regener, President & CEO, BNK Petroleum

Wolf Regener’s story involves implementing TITAN after a hack. Before using the IPS, hackers took down one of their routers. Our IT experts at Oasis Technology previously helped BNK Petroleum by ensuring all the right protections were in place, which stopped the hack from having any effect. Regener told us, “With TITAN we know that hacking attempts are stopped before our firewall.” Their network is safe and no one can enter it at all after implementing the system. They’ve also noticed an increase in speed with their networks, requiring less bandwidth.

Benefits of TITAN

TITAN is installed in front your firewall to offer extra protection and it’s located at your company, in your control. It reduces bandwidth requirements due to the reduced traffic of hackers and bots trying to reach your network, which also enhances your network’s performance. It outperforms a firewall, but we’re not interested in competing with firewall manufacturers. Instead, we partner with them to offer optimal results. Some of our partners are Juniper, Barracuda, Sonic Wall, and Palo Alto.

Just try it

You’ve heard the stories and know it works. Why not try it out for your business? You only have security and extra protection to gain. As a CEO, it’s your job to make sure your company, its clients, and its employees are protected as well as all their confidential information. We offer a 30-day FREE trial for those who are still skeptical about the effectiveness of the IPS. If it doesn’t deliver, then you return it. In trying TITAN, you’ll be able to see who is attacking your network and you may be surprised to find out that there are people attempting to hack you.

Answers to your questions

We’re sure you have more questions about the product and we have your answers. If your question is not addressed on our Frequently Asked Questions page, please feel free to contact us to learn more about TITAN and what it can do you for your business.

With over 35 years of experience in the IT industry, Oasis Technology is positioned well to efficiently answer your questions. Get in touch with real people – not salesmen – today so we can address your IT issues.