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How to Securely Manage Your Online Banking

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Did you hear about the international conspiracy that used malicious software to gather bank account details and use the information to steal millions of dollars, including from accounts held at a Nebraska bank? Don’t let it happen to you. Here’s a safe, easy and effective way to keep track of your bank accounts and online transactions.

It is very simple.  Go to your bank’s online banking web site and go to each of your accounts.  On each of the account make sure that the bank emails a notification for every debit or credit over $1.

Although this seems like you will inundated with thousand of emails, you will find that in fact you are not.  You will you be notified of every transaction (debit, credit, deposit, etc.), and the email records can actually help you manage your finances ever better than you are now.

I have done it and I rest a little easier knowing that I will be notified of every transaction that affects my bank account.

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