OASIS Releases Hardened Product Line to Combat Cyber Terrorism

OASIS Releases Hardened Product Line to Combat Cyber Terrorism

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Camarillo, California – Oasis Technology, Inc. – Cyber terrorism and cyber hacking are silent stalking time bombs that threaten all Internet connections 24 hours a day, seven days a week. “Most companies, corporations, and agencies don’t even know that it’s happening to them….” said George Baldonado, president and CEO of Oasis Technology, a leading provider of Internet and Network Security and Network support for businesses.

Fortunately, stringent rules imposed by National Security, Homeland Security, HIPAA, PCI Compliance, SOX, and Gramm-Leach Bliley have set the standards by which our data must be protected.  Unfortunately, until now, technology has lagged behind. said George Baldonado.

Armies of Cyber Hackers from all over the world are targeting our infrastructure, military, data, intellectual property, innovations, our ideas, and even our identity information. At their disposal are thousands of foreign computer ‘bots’ that churn out thousands of hack attempts per millisecond looking to gain a million dollars worth of information. Sooner or later the targeted network will fold or open up. Once it folds, either the network or application will crash, or worse, the data will be compromised. This affects all companies and agencies that use, store, or access sensitive information. It doesn’t matter whether the company is a doctor’s office, CPA office, military, state, county or state agency.  Even companies that just process their charge cards
using PC’s are vulnerable.

Additionally, each of the millions of cyber hack attempts also congests the company’s network bandwidth until the bandwidth is so full of hack attempts that normal business cannot be transacted.” adds Baldonado.  “While companies have installed a general firewall, most firewalls cannot withstand or control a barrage of attempts that number in the millions per hour. Unfortunately, most companies do not even know that this is happening.  That’s why we designed the Titan product line for quick deployment and as an add-on to existing systems.

The Oasis Titan Network Security Systems (TM) provide a comprehensive, non- invasive solution that connects to the front of your network and stops the silent multi-pronged cyber hacking attempts that attack at all hours on all days. The system is designed for optimum performance regardless of location, network type, PC or MAC, Microsoft or Linux.

Unlike traditional companies, Oasis also provides a comprehensive security audit to add further protection based upon standard security methods and procedures. Alternately, Oasis engineers can further customize the systems to integrate with a customer’s legacy security infrastructure.

The Titan system is available to new customers immediately. For pricing or other information, contact Oasis Technology at (805) 445-4833.

Oasis Technology is a leading provider of products and consulting services for information technology, security, and network systems, serving all industries For more information about Oasis Technology or the TITAN system, visit the company website at www.oasistechnology.com. Oasis and OASIS Titan, OASIS Pegasus, OASIS Atlas, OASIS Zeus are trademarks of Oasis Technology, Inc.