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Camarillo, CaliforniaThursday, July 17, 2014 — Oasis Technology, Inc. ( announces the availability of its new Intrusion Prevention System, Titan. Titan is a comprehensive,non-invasive, preventive Intrusion Prevention System that connects to the front of a computer network, analyzes incoming traffic and stops hackers from accessing the network.

“Everyone is being hacked, whether they know it or not,” said Oasis Technology CEO George Baldonado. “We developed Titan when our company was mistaken for a financial services company in Canada and received relentless hacking traffic from China that significantly slowed our network down. When we realized the potential of what we created, we decided to make it commercially available.” Titan is now running successfully at small businesses, public works facilities and local government.

Unlike other Intrusion Prevention Systems, Titan works automatically and resides in-house. It doesn’t require staff to constantly monitor and analyze traffic or alerts or that an organization’s network services and data be hosted “in the cloud.” Titan is designed for optimum performance regardless of location, network type, PC or MAC, Microsoft or Linux, and does not require users to change anything on their existing network. It is available in different sizes to handle the volumes of network traffic organizations have and can be customized to integrate with any existing security applications and hardware. For more information, visit the Titan webpage at

Oasis Technology was founded in 1979 as a software development company providing solutions for many corporations, including software that is still being used at Verizon today. After a burst of activity before 2000, when technology providers were busy making sure the Y2K bug didn’t bring down systems and their organizations, Oasis transitioned to focus on corporate and government networks. Today Oasis has 60 employed technology experts and is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) providing consulting and outsourced IT services for corporations, small businesses and local, state and federal government agencies in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties and Los Angeles.