Backup and Recovery

Information About Backup and Disaster Recovery – Part 3

Our previous blog, discussed the details of “Cloud Backup that Backs Up Data AND System Data.”

Information About Backup and Disaster Recovery – Part 3

This blog discusses “Local Backup of Data Only.” This Backup and Disaster Recovery method is used by most businesses. It usually consists of backing up data from the computer to an external drive(s).

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Local Backup of Data Only Benefits and Downsides

• Backups and restores are usually very fast depending on which interface you are using (i.e. ISCSI vs. USB 3.0).
• Full backups can easily be performed.
• Cost is usually very low.

• The backup needs to be encrypted. If someone enters the computer area and takes the backup disk(s), they will then have all your data.
• The backup should be taken off-site and put in a secure environment. If not, you are risking everything because if your computer area is broken into, your office burns or floods, or some other disaster occurs, you could be put out of business.
• People often forget about taking the backups offsite.
• People do not often put the backups in a secure area – this is why it is CRUCIAL to encrypt the backup data so nobody steals your information.
• This backup is backing up your data only – NOT your programs or system data. This means that prior to restoring your data, you will have to completely rebuild the new computer before you can restore.

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