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A Revolutionary Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) from Oasis Technology offered by Infinite IT Solutions: A Much Anticipated Boon to Monitor the Network Traffic

Sacramento, CA, 03/15/2016: Infinite IT Solutions recently introduced Titan, a revolutionary Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) appliance that, for the first time ever, will covertly monitor network from outside before the hackers get in. It is compatible with any kind of firewall. Titan comes in 4 different models to pick from, ranging from TITAN Pegasus (13 IP’s/300Mbs) to Mega-Zeuss (255IP’s/1Gps+).

Equipped with a stealth mode portfolio, Titan works along with a firewall to monitor traffic & act on malicious practices immediately. It’s like an invisible pipe engaged in monitoring & filtering all the packets passing through- without restricting network’s performance. Users can now enjoy the enhanced network performance since the Titan reduces internet bandwidth requirements by preventing the hackers traffic from intercepting the network.

In the words of Infinite IT Solutions Inc. CEO Patrick Martin who placed Titan to test – “I ran a vulnerability assessment check on one of our client’s network and it revealed 300+ security holes and after Titan, the assessment check came to ZERO. Titan is truly amazing and meets the claims.”
“Backed up by advanced technology, Titan is able to control & limit the effects of DDOS attacks. Titan’s patented technology is able to restrict the intrusions as well as covertly track and stops hackers. The appliance will be housed at the target network which will monitor the network traffic. In a nutshell, Titan has re-defined cyber security for good”, explained a senior technician from Infinite IT Solutions Inc. “You are getting a versatile selection to pick from according to your specific budget”, added in the senior technician.

Infinite IT Solutions Inc. is a leading company for computer technology solutions which specializes in network security, data backup and recovery, managed services & hosting/IAAS services. Infinite IT Solutions Inc. has been operating for more than seven years since its CEO Patrick Martin founded the company back in 2009.

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