Hackers Find You

How Hackers Find You and Do Their Hacking!

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Many times companies will tell us that they will not get hacked because they are not big enough.

Your Size Doesn’t Matter when it comes to hackers

This is an urban legend. What hackers do is look for a weak IP. This is an IP that has vulnerabilities and they do not care who owns the IP address. All they care about is that they can get into the network.

Many times, these hackers are like miners. Once they find a gold nugget (a weak IP address), they sell these IP addresses to big time hackers who use this information to obtain as much information from your computers as quietly as possible.

It is important to note that they do not alert you because then they can come back over and over again to obtain more and more information. Once they get in the sky’s the limit!!

You last question is probably “Well, how DO they get IP addresses?”

The answer is simple. They start out numerically from and continue up until they find a weak IP address. It is true that many IP addresses are not “public addresses”, but the hackers already know that. They just program their computers to begin at the first IP address and continue on until

At this time, mathematically, there are only about 4.2 billion combinations for the entire world.
So the hackers just let their many computers do all the work while they just wait for their computers to spit out lists of weak IP addresses.

So you see, the hackers only care about weak IP addresses — they don’t particularly care who you are.