Data Breach

Data Breach News: Access to Credit Card Information

Fast food giant Arby’s has experienced a major data breach! Information on more than 355,000 credit and debit cards may have been compromised due to malware in the company’s cash registers. As each card was swiped, attackers were able to steal the data and store it for malicious purposes.


Fortunately, the whole organization was not affected. However, the hundreds of chains owned by the Atlanta,Georgia based company were involved.


A statement made by Arby’s Restaurant Group Inc. indicated that they have launched an investigation on its payment card system. They launched the investigation shortly after learning about the possible data breach.


To begin the investigation, Arby’s Restaurant Group Inc. notified law enforcement of the data breach. They then also hired private IT security companies to assist with the investigation. In addition to announcing the investigation, Arby’s Restaurant Group Inc. also stated that they have destroyed the malware on systems affected by the breach.


Initial reports of the breach occurred October 25, 2016, with further reports surfacing on January 19, 2017. Both reports came from a credit union service group, so problems with cards not issued by a credit unions have not yet been reported.


According to Dan Berger, CEO of the National Association of Federally-Insured Credit Unions, the number of data breaches climbed a record breaking 40% higher than 2015 reports. Unfortunately, that percentage continues to increase.


Arby’s made a statement to remind customers of the importance of keeping a close eye on their payment card account statements. They further inform customers that if unauthorized charges are found, they must immediately report the charges to the bank that issues their credit card.


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