Windows 10

Why Should Your Business Get Windows 10?

[responsive][/responsive] The Windows 10 Interface is Superior There are no more forced full-screen apps and touch-optimized ‘Live Tiles’ that existed in Windows 8. Instead we have the return of the Start button, plus resizable Windows Store apps which behave more like traditional Windows applications. Improvements in security and management New identity management capabilities will be […]

FTC Cybersecuirty

New FTC CyberSecurity Laws

[responsive][/responsive] FTC can now regulate cybersecurity FTC has initiated new cyber security laws that can hold companies accountable for failing to safeguard consumer data. This can mean large monetary FINES and DAMAGES if information is hacked or stolen. Companies MUST update their security to higher standards and offer full compliance with the National Institute of Standards […]

Why Titan

Why Your Business Needs the Titan Intrusion Prevention System

[responsive][/responsive] Business benefits of an intrusion prevention system There are numerous reasons why companies including your business, can significantly benefit by having Titan that will positively impact your bottom line as well as your productivity. Oasis Technology is here to break-down those different ways that Titan will make your company more secure at little cost. […]

Information About Backup and Disaster Recovery – Part 6

The previous blog discussed the details of “Local Backup of Data and System Data.” [responsive][/responsive] Information About Backup and Disaster Recovery – Part 6 Today we discuss “Local and Cloud Backup of Data and System Data.”As hardware costs drop and bandwidth increases, this method should eventually become the most preferred backup method.Like the cloud backups, […]