Titan, The Intrusion Prevention and Bandwidth Recovery System for Your Network

Add Titan to your existing firewall configuration for a bullet-proof environment

Titan is compatible with ALL Firewalls!

Full Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) plus immediate PCI frontal attack compliance and protection!

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Intrusion Prevention and Cyber Security

Cyber Security is no longer a “nice to have” …. It is a REQUIREMENT.  Please consider that Cyber Security is important to help you:

  • 10 Gbs+
  • User programmable interface
  • Stop DDOS attacks and recover your bandwidth immediately
  • Avoid bankruptcy
  • Avoid business collapsing
  • Avoid fines
  • Avoid high insurance costs
  • Avoid lawsuits
  • Avoid loss of clientele
  • Avoid loss of customers
  • Avoid loss of income
  • Avoid loss of intellectual property
  • Avoid loss of reputation
  • Avoid loss of your banking information
  • Avoid loss of your business
  • Avoid loss of your charge card information
  • Avoid loss of your of intellectual property
  • Avoid loss of your patents
  • Maintain your customer lists
  • Pass your HIPAA compliance tests
  • Secure your network from outside access
  • Plug and Play
  • 247 monitoring service
  • Immediate hands free updates
  • Unlimited support
  • Unlimited equipment warranty
  • User definable reports
  • User friendly interface
  • Expandable and compatible with all networks
  • Partner program for qualified IT firms

Fast installation – little or no network downtime.

Real time reports show you what is really happening to your network.

Thirty day FREE trial – try it before you buy it.  If Titan does not deliver – return it.

Try it now and see who is attacking your network — you may be surprised.

Take the time and see what your real vulnerabilites are.

Stop Hackers before They Access Your Network Titan is a black box that sits between your incoming Internet connection and existing network that captures and contains traffic from potential hacking attempts, creating rolling blacklists of would-be hackers. Because hackers are constantly changing their approach, Titan is designed to be a self-learning tool and will essentially “get smarter” as it runs, identifying and remembering different types of attacks. It also allows you to see and analyze what attacks have been made on your system. Titan is compatible with ALL Firewalls.  It is a combination of patented software and hardware that operates as a high speed outer layer to protect your Internet access, firewall, and network against threats. It does not remove any protection you already have in place. This means it fortifies your firewall by protecting data without affecting your network internally. Titan operates outside your firewall and prevents any network slowdown and actually increases your effective bandwidth by up to 40%. Titan is scalable based on the number of IP addresses and network speed.  Installing Titan does NOT require any modifications to the network it will be protecting.

Benefits of Titan:

  • It sits in front of your Firewall and is compatible with ALL Firewalls
  • It is housed at your company, in your control
  • Reduces Internet bandwidth requirements due to reduced traffic
  • Increases network performance because hackers’ traffic doesn’t reach your network

Some standard question about Titan

  1. How does the system work if a client is storing the majority of their information on a cloud such as Sony or Target? In essence, how would they deploy Titan to protect all of their data? The cloud provider has to have their own Titan box.  This is the big weakness with cloud providers and cloud storage.  If they go down, or are hacked, or get a virus, burn down, etc. – then the data for ALL the customers is affected, too. This is something the cloud providers do not want to talk about.
  2. Are there opportunities to use Titan with cloud based data centers? YES. Titan is really needed there. Big centers is where the hackers will strike first.
  3. Are health insurance agencies required to be HIPAA compliant or just the actual insurance companies? All health insurance agencies AND insurance companies are required to be HIPAA compliant.
  4. Is Titan applicable to banks and even small banks? Absolutely, Titan is inexpensive insurance for banks. Banks are governed by a host of laws including Sarbanes- Oxley (SOX), and Gramm-Leach Bliley in California.
  5. What local or state governments have you sold Titan to and if so, do you have testimonials from them?  We now have it installed in the City of Camarillo and we are working on other city and county governments.
  6. Part of the service that you provide includes monitoring. Are your clients able to monitor Titan as well? YES.  The users can do their own monitoring and additionally we also provide 24×7 monitoring, updates, maintenance, and keep a watch out for new hack attempts.  If we see a problem we also notify the customer.
  7. What provisions can be made for pilot projects to test the system for local and state governments at their most vulernable entry point? I would think, in most cases, that local or state governments would want to see beyond a reasonable doubt that Titan does what Oasis claims it does before making a full commitment to Titan. Absolutely, we do that ALL of the time – 30 day free trial, no obligations.
  8. How will you deal with installations across the nation? Are orders processed with equipment sent to them with everything else being done over the phone once the equipment has been received? How does this process work? We just need to obtain a very small amount of technical info from them over the phone and then we ship them a completely configured Titan box.  All they have to do is plug it in.  It takes three minutes and we can walk them through it over the phone.
  9. Would Titan have prevented the most recent hack attacks? Yes.  What situation we cannot prevent against is if someone has a user id of “abc” and a password of “1234”.
  10. How many entry points will one device service? It depends on the model: Pegasus will service 5 entry points Atlas will service 15 entry points Zeus will service 32 entry points Mega-Zeus will service 255+ entry points
  11. Can you send more information on the Titan product? Yes, we can email a PDF with the necessary information.

Titan is available in four models to meet your specific needs and budgets:

  • Titan Pegasus – 5 IP addresses/50Mbps
  • Titan Atlas – 15 IP addresses/100Mbps
  • Titan Zeus – 32 IP addresses/300Mbps
  • Titan Mega-Zeus 255+ IP addresses/1Gbps+

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