6 New Ways You Can Get Hacked


[responsive]Copyright: wklzzz / 123RF Stock Photo

Copyright: wklzzz / 123RF Stock Photo

Electronic connectivity is increasing daily — and new opportunities are constantly found to utilize computer and electronic connectivity and therefore can be hacked.

1. BitCoins

Virtual currency that is not stored in your wallet or in a bank but in a “wallet” somewhere out in Cyberspace. Virtual currency is here to stay in one form or another, but also know that the hackers want that money, too. Your password is your only protection. The longer the better. But remember that given enough time, all passwords are hackable.

2. Cars

Cars’ keyless ignition can be hacked and your car can be stolen along with personal information (e.g. car registration). Then they would also know where you live. Many high-end cars these days do not have a direct link to some of their controls. Remember the issue when some cars started speeding up and the drivers could not stop them? The problem was that, in many of these cases, the control of the acceleration was with the on-board computer, not the driver’s foot/gas pedal. This type of technology is also being utilized to control steering, brakes, and cars that automatically drive themselves. Imagine if some evil hacker assumed control of your car when you and your family were in the car driving down the freeway or a steep mountain pass.

3. Cars with the ON-STAR feature

ON-STAR is electronic and wireless. With enough processing power it is possible that even ON-STAR can be tricked into shutting down your car and unlocking your doors at an inconvenient time.

4. “The Cloud”

These days everyone has heard about “The Cloud.” All this means is that your data and processing is being done somewhere beyond your PC, smart phone, tablet, or server. “The Cloud” now serves as the place to warehouse data for many thousands of businesses and possibly millions of individuals. Imagine if the cloud that was storing your personal data was hacked. Or imagine if the NSA decided that they needed your data!  In fact, when the NSA or related organization(s) request your data, the cloud provider is usually prevented from notifying you.

5. CPUs

Brand new technology now enables hackers to hack into computers by merely listening to the sounds that the CPU emits while it performs its work. This CPU “sound” can allow a person to detect methods to decrypt even 4,096 bit encryption strings.

6. Electronic signals/controls

Brand new technology that has been resurrected from the old days of “TEMPEST” rooms allows hackers to monitor the electronic signals emitted by video cables, disk cables, etc., and determine what data is being transmitted on those channels. Basically, if something has a computer and some type of electronic control – it can be hacked!

The bad news is that new technology with faster and faster processing is promising that all encrypted data can be de-encrypted. The good news is that technology is also advancing — to protect you as well. Like Titan our intrusion prevention system that stops hackers before they get into a computer network.

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