Equifax Breach Got You Up Late at Night?

Equifax Breach Got You Up Late at Night?


It should!  Not only for the reason that your personal information may have been stolen but also because this data breach shows just how much personal information is on electronic devices.

And that means ALL of our devices.

  • Your phone
  • Your computer
  • Your tablet
  • Your DVR (YES, your DVR)
  • You home monitoring system (YES!!!!!)
  • Your baby monitoring system
  • Your office copier (Yes this too! L)
  • Your smart TV L – Yes
  • The web cam that is turned off on our computer — or is it??
  • The microphone that is turned off on your computer – or is it??
  • The web cam on your cell phone (that isn’t turned on – or is it?)
  • The microphone that is turned off on your cell phone – or is it?
  • The Verizon monitor for your car

Let’s face it – our entire lives are on electronic media of some sort and as long as the data resides on that media – people are going to want to get to it.

Electronic information holds the keys to EVERYTHING about you – your identity, your secrets, your money, how much you have, how much you don’t have, what your personal feelings are — and on and on and on.

Sounds scary – so what I can do?

Actually this is a very serious problem, more serious that people let on.

At this juncture let’s focus on the most important thing to do –protect your home network and business network.

At this time, most of your computer and cell phone traffic travel through these networks.

Other networks do apply, but let’s focus on these for now.



  • Get reputable “White Hat hack” expert to look at your network and perform a “NON INVASIVE” vulnerability analysis on your network from the outside.I know that this sounds highly technical and hard — but it is not for the experts.  This is just a way for you to find out what the hackers see when they look at your network from the outside.

    This analysis will tell you what doors are open that hackers can use to get into your network without your knowledge.

    This is a MUST HAVE!!

So what does it do for me?

  • Tells you what you have to block to keep the hackers out.
  • Tells you what type of information a hacker can get from your network.
  • May tell you if you have already been hacked and not know it.

Sounds GREAT! – but what are the pitfalls? 

  • NONE!!!!!! –NO PITFALLS – DO IT!! J
    The only pitfall is NOT DOING IT!!!

Sounds like I may want to do it – what if I need help?

  • If you need help – CALL US at 805-445-4833.
  • We can even go to your site if you are stuck in rut!!

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If you have been hurt by the Equifax data breach, you may have recourse

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