Managed Service Provider

With Oasis Shield, you can customize just the right type of service and support that fits your size company.

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Cyber Security Consulting

Description: Oasis Technology provides consulting and support for today’s dynamic cyber security environment.

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Cloud Services

Oasis Technology takes the time to assess the options businesses have in cloud computing,

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Network Services

Since 1979, Oasis has been providing outsource IT services, including complete network and computer care.

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Managed Service Provider

Send us your Cyber Security Questions and Receive an answer! It’s easy to get your Cyber Threat Analysis for $299. You don’t need to provide us with any information about your network or firewalls. All we need are your externally facing IP addresses. Our test simulates what hackers can already do. Our methodology is NOT INVASIVE to your network. We provide you with a full WRITTEN report and recommendations for securing your network from hackers!
Take the time and see what your real vulnerabilities are.

Titan is the Intrusion Prevention System Oasis invented to STOP hackers before they access your network. Find out how it works… Since 1979, Oasis has been providing outsource IT services, including complete network and computer care for organizations such as Amgen, City of Camarillo, and many others… Don’t just read what we say. Find out what our customers say about our support and service….

Oasis Technology has been in business since 1979, and today we have 60 IT professionals with a wide variety of knowledge and specialization. As a result, we have the depth and breadth of IT knowledge necessary to deal with your legacy systems as well as recommend and implement proven new and cost-effective technology solutions such as the cloud and virtualization.

At Oasis, we believe that one of the primary focuses in information technology today must be system security. We stay on top of the latest IT security vulnerabilities as well as the best solutions to prevent breaches and protect your systems and your data. We believe so strongly in IT security, we even invented our own Intrusion Prevention System, Titan.


TITAN is an award-winning intrusion prevention device developed by Oasis Technology. The patented technology requires no changes to your network and can be installed in as little as 2 minutes.

Blocked Intrusions

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At Oasis we don’t have salespeople. We have experienced technicians who work with each client to assess technology needs, recommend the best and most cost-effective solutions and implement and maintain all aspects of IT. Those same local, experienced technicians staff our help desk located at our company in Camarillo, California.

Saint Bonaventure High School has been using Oasis Technology’s services to support our Information Technology needs for over seven years. Of any technology service, they have been the most reliable and timely. The greatest aspect of Oasis Technology is the people. They are friendly, courteous, and happy to serve! As a financial transaction processor and PCI certified Gateway Processor, we have to comply with onerous and extremely stringent security requirements. Oasis Technology’s Titan is the only product that satisfies this need. Titan goes far beyond what a firewall does.  It’s incredibly effective. I had to turn Titan OFF in order to test our network and software vulnerabilities because the auditors could not get past the Titan-wall.

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